Interviews and Problems that Occurred

Part of our video piece is going to consist of interviews asking the public a couple of questions regarding technology. The reason for this is to have some type of evidence to back up the narrative we aim to create. This week we conducted these interviews by placing ourselves by college green as we thought that it would be a convenient place to get a wide range of different people and ages. The two questions that we asked were:zoom

  • Do you own a smartphone?
  • Would you be able to live without your smartphone?

The questions we chose to ask were quite straightforward to allow the people that we were asking not feel uneasy but still allowed us to gather the answers that we needed. Along with this we also asked the same two questions to our actor and constructed his answers to coincide with the other interviewees. Our aim in the editing to process is to split the two questions to two different parts of the narrative structure and to merge all of the answers together.

img_4058After we had finished filming for that day we re-watched the footage we realised that it was too over exposed due to the camera settings not being set according to the sunny day that it was. We then decided that it would be best if we re-shot some of the interviews which overall was a success. Generally it was successful that we had to do the interviews twice as it enables us to have a wide range of different answers.


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