Glenside Ward

As part of the planning process before filming in Glenside Ward we worked out the different activities that would occur on each of the diary days. Before we started to do this we looked at the different withdrawal symptoms that occur with different types of drug and alcohol addiction. We took these symptoms and wrote actions for the actor to create as part of the development of withdrawal symptoms as part of not being able to survive without technology. These are the common symptoms associated with addiction withdrawal:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 17.54.46

Part of our subverted documentary is to create a scenario in which an actor is experimenting without technology. We wanted to film somewhere that had a clinical feel to it to enhance the idea that he is being experimented on. Another reason we wanted this look is so the audience can relate it to a kind of rehab facility in which he has gone to help his addiction to technology. After getting permission we found a perfect location that combined the settings that we were looking for, Glenside ward. We had the whole ward to ourselves, which allowed room for us to work in. We started by setting up the scene in the way we wanted it to look by adding and removing certain objects. We put a calendar above the hospital bed to subtly show the transformation period as we crossed of the dates equivalent. Previously we had decided the actions the subject was going to go through each day getting progressively worse. We set up two cameras to get to different effects. We placed a go pro at the end of the hospital bed to create a diary cam eel. The go pro had quite a wide view allowing you to be able to see the surroundings. The other camera, a DSLR, was placed high up in the corner of the room. We added a blue tinge to the settings allowing it to have a CCTV feel to it. Our aim is to switch between the two different cameras to add to the storyline we aim to create.


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