Initial Ideas for Editing

The first enquiry we had to tackle in the editing process was deciding how we are going to create the narrative. Initially, while first coming up with our idea, we thought it would be easier to construct the narrative in a linear process in which you see the subject getting progressively worse alongside the found footage becoming more chaotic. After deliberation we decided that it would be a lot more interesting to watch if the narrative was non-linear. The reason we have decided to construct our video in a non-linear process is to confuse the audience in the beginning and to then allow the narrative to become clearer as the video progresses. We aim to do this by mixing up the found footage with the footage from the ward and the interviews. This week we started to construct the narrative structure by writing down the different steps:

photo 2photo 1

One part of the narrative structure we still are not sure on is whether we are going to show us asking the subject the question- ‘do you think you could live without your smart phone? Or whether we should leave it for the audience to work it out. We are going to create two different edits one with the question and one without and see which one works best. The first clip we want to show, the subject in the ward about mid-way through his recovery, aims to give an idea of what is still to come within the narrative. Along with this clip there is a high pitched beeping sound that we want to resemble glitches in technology and also a hospital machine to connect the two. Our aim is to play the same sound throughout the narrative so that a connection can be made between the actor and the found footage that we are going to add. After editing the first few seconds as a large group we have decided that it would be more timesaving if we split off into two separate groups with one editing the first half and one editing the second half.


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