Problems while Editing- First Edit

After creating a first draft of our overall edit there were a few problems that we are going to trying to fix. The main problem that we found was due to the way we decided to split into two groups because the two edits were on different computers. There were problems in how we were going to transfer the second half edit onto the first half edit. What we decided to do, and what would be the most convenient, was to export the second half into a long video clip and transfer it that way. The problem with this was that we couldn’t re-edit the parts after we had exported it so the glitches that we wanted to fix we had to razor certain parts while still having the correct timing between the sound and the visual.

After showing it to the class there were a few changes that we wanted to make. The gap between the first and the second half cut to black while the sound still remained. The cut to black lasted too long and didn’t really work so we want to shorten that gap to make the first half flow better with the second. Another clip we want to improve is at the beginning of the second half in which the actor is answering the second question in the interview. We are going to flip the clip so that his interview coincides with the other interviewees to allow them to look as if they were all the same. On the same clips there were discussions that the actor wasn’t on screen long enough before cutting to the ward. We aim to adjust this by viewing the subject for longer in order for the audience to be able to analyse him as the protagonist.

We still have other bits of editing to do in order to make the narrative flow and with the sound. The volume levels vary throughout our first edit so we want to adjust them so they are at equal levels. We also want to experiment with the different sounds that are played over the subject in the ward so that the sound resembles the found footage-riots. Another aspect is to add the different days to the different ward scenes so that the audience gets more of an idea to the narrative.

The ending of the overall video still needs more work, as we haven’t decided how we are going to end it. We decided when we were creating a narrative structure to leave the ending till we have edited the majority of it to see which ending works best. We have a few options and ideas on how we are going to end it:

  • End it with a question regarding technology such as ‘Are You Able To Live Without Technology?’
  • End it with a blank screen with the continuous beeping that has been played throughout
  • End it with the subject reaching for his interactive screen with his arm dropping at the end

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