Found Footage and Found Sound

Throughout our documentary we have used clips and sounds from ‘Sherry Turkle- Connected but Alone’ which is a Ted Talk describing the effect technology has over us which is really relevant to the topic of our video. EE-Presenting 4GEE and Fibre Broadband and ‘JIBO- the worlds fist family robot’ were found footage that were used in our video as transition shots to develop our argument by showing how technology is advancing. The opening of an Apple Store in Barcelona was another bit of footage that we used to develop our narrative of being addicted to technology. This footage was then manipulated through the use of sound, which changed the meaning and enhanced our narrative. During the end of our video piece we wanted to edit and fast cut loads of found footage to make the ending seem chaotic. We chose to use scenes from ‘Black Friday Footage’ and ‘London Riot Footage’, which we have manipulated to make it seem worse than it was.

The first found sound that we used was a podcast from ‘Wired’, which speaks positively about the most interesting technology such as 4G. The majority of the music we used came from adverts and the introduction of new smart phones and technologies such as Apple Macbook Air Tv ad: ‘The notebook people love.’ Another advert that we used was Samsung Galaxy: The Training as there were certain parts that worked well in conjunction with our footage. We decided to this as it links well with the topic of our video as the adverts are promoting new technologies. In different parts of our video, even if not correctly linked, we used the sounds of Black Friday and London Riot footage to enhance and also manipulate the meaning of the image it accompanies.


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