Overall Editing

Through the editing process, although not intentionally done, we realised we were also incorporating the brief ‘an exploration of sound-image relations’ into our work. An aspect of this was done by juxtaposing certain clips such as ben in the ward to the sound of the found footage, the riots. The reason we then continued to explore the sound aspect, along with our original briefs, it accompanied are non-linear narrative structure in a complimentary manner. In our initial idea of editing we wanted to use the high pitched sound throughout our video, which we used in the beginning, middle and end to tie the narrative together. Another aspect of the narrative we were not sure on was whether to ask the subject the interview question or not. We decided that the edit with us asking the question- do you think you would be able to live without your smartphone? – was the right one to use as without the question we thought it would all be too confusing. The ending of our video was difficult in terms of deciding which way we wanted to edit it. In the end we decided to end it with a variation of fast cuts between the subject in the ward and the found footage for the quick editing to stop with a longer clip of the subject accompanied with the high pitched sound. We wanted to round up our argument with the last clip, which shows an air view of a riot, with the voice over of Sherry Turkle describing technologies effect on us. The reason we ended it like that was to clarify our overall message that technology in a way is taking over by showing the dead like state of the subject in the ward and comparing it to a large riot as the voiceover connects the two by saying ‘connection is more like a symptom than a cure.’


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